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Spotlight On Taylor Boutique

Taylor Brings Trans-Seasonal Dressing To Life

Fresh in for July is a range of stunning pieces from Taylor Boutique. Luxurious fashion that looks so stylish you could weep, the beautiful folds, drapes and flow of each piece come together in perfect synergy. Aimed to give the wearer an aura of effortless style, through a combination of inspired design and beautiful fabric choices, this has been achieved. The cherry on this confectioners delight of a cake is that all of this has been done right here in New Zealand.

New Zealand Designed And Made   

Taylor prides itself on being a New Zealand Designer in every sense of the word. Based in Eden Terrace, Auckland, the Taylor creations are not just designed, but also made in New Zealand. From the initial sketches and designs, to the pattern making, the machining, finishing and pressing. Every part of this process is achieved within the Auckland area, and some of the people involved have been with the company since its inception, 19 years ago. The fabrics themselves are another vital part of the process, and the very finest are hand picked from leading mills largely across Europe and Japan. Selections are based not just on the highest quality of fabric, but also on their individuality. With limited quantities of each fabric available only small runs of each are made, ensuring exclusivity. 
With this amount of love and care involved in every stage of bringing each piece to life, it’s little surprise to learn that taylor pieces are built to stand the test of time. Undoubtedly the styles are fashion forward, yet there is a subtle classic undertone that ensures that they will continue to be the go-to pieces in your wardrobe.

Taylor's Spring Collection

So, with the latest looks just released, the burning question is - where to start? The Pinpoint dress is hard to look past. It’s not only beautiful, but in 100% pure silk it will be as wearable in the heat of summer as it could be when layered up in spring. With its ability to be styled and worn a number of ways, it’s also one of those pieces that you know is just as perfect jazzed up for an evening as it is toned down by day.  Equally impossible to pass up are the black satin Interim Pants. The easy-breezy fit are the ultimate in chic; effortless style at its very best, these scream summer staple.
Taylor Pinpoint Dress and Interim Pants
Another item that jumps up and down as a must-have is the Acquire Piece. Crafted in Italian silk in a limited edition print, the swirling pattern has a super modern feel. An added bonus - its relaxed silhouette is wonderfully flattering. The Graduation Tunic is a totally different look, and another showstopper. Feature waist ties are a clever way to personalise this top, by drawing it in to suit your body and your mood. Ok, now there’s a reason the Necessary Tee goes by this name – and after styling sensationally with multiple looks, it certainly lives up to its moniker. Lastly there’s the luxurious comfort of the Italian cotton Tie Crater Sweater – its understated elegance is one thing its got in its favour, but another - the fact that it’s just so damn cool.
 Taylor Spring Collection
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Written By Nicky Adams


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