Three Accessories You Need Right Now…

And One You Never Thought You’d See Again

Now I’ve been waiting for what seems a very long time for hair scrunchies to pull themselves out of the mire of fashion wasteland and make a comeback…and it seems my patience has paid off. Yes, the scrunchie is back! This is a joy that only those that have ripped endless hairs out with cheap elastics will understand. However, while the scrunchie is only ever going to appeal to the very young, the very hip, or those with very sensitive scalps, fear not, they bring with them a whole host of far more attractive accessory options.
Scarves are being shown as a major trend – and not just the woolly round your neck variety. With colder times approaching, the preppy look is working in our favour, and there are some beautiful thick warm scarves that serve to keep you on trend and toasty. Wendys Paradise Scarf is one great big rectangle of super soft joy, and the Caroline Sills Cashmere Scarf is absolutely sumptuous. However, scarves in every fabric, weight and form are up and coming as the ultimate accessory. A scarf is pretty much the perfect way to joosh up an outfit, or to put your own personal stamp on an ensemble. So if you’re brave – or cold – the silk scarf around the head is a big look. A more subtle approach is winding it around your bag, your shoes, your waist or just stick to the tried and tested method of around your neck.  
Caroline Sills Cashmere Scarf $279, Wendys Paradise Scarf $110
There’s been much talk of sunglasses going teeny tiny, which is worrying news for those amongst us who like to cover up most of our face with them. I breathed a sigh of relief to see that big eyes are still very much the name of the game, and judging by what was being shown on the Autumn 2018 Catwalk, their place is looking secure for some time to come. The Trelise Cooper range has every aspect of the larger than life look covered; from the mirrored lens with a modernised cats eye shaping, to tortoiseshell round frame, to some funky coloured options. Elk has a different take on the classic Aviator, this style can sometimes be hard to wear, but by softening it up Elk has made it far easier to carry off.
There are so many cool jewellery trends that it’s hard to know where to start; contemporary, organic, boho – it’s all in vogue. Right up there in top trend position is the choker – love ‘em or hate em, they’re here. For the haters, there’s good news – it seems there’s more than one way to skin a cat, or wear a choker in this case. The Trelise Cooper Flower Gang Choker for example, is more sophisticated than raunchy – but still a little bit naughty. To be honest, it also looks a lot better on (someone who isn’t a model) than I would have thought. Pearls can be seen popping up left right and centre as embellishments on everything from jackets to jeans, but if you’d rather keep your pearls as strictly jewellery, then Blue Scarab has you covered. Tassels are everywhere, and can work with a number of different styles and looks; little wonder they are dropping from earrings, necklaces and bracelets, and in both silky thread and silver. The organic look is a really beautiful trend, and very subtle for those who just want to add finesse rather than stop the show. Whether you choose your accessories to complement your outfit, or to be the focal point, there’s some really fun ways to play this season.
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Written by Nicky Adams


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