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Autumn is upon us – check out what’s trending for 2018

No one really likes to wave summer goodbye, but on days when the tail end of a cyclone hit, and the rain comes pouring down, swapping out the floaty frocks for the Autumn/Winter trends suddenly starts to look pretty exciting. So the slightly halfhearted peeks at what’s to come, start to become a frenzied riffle through the racks, because the race is on – the chances are if it’s occurred to us, then the rest of the fashion loving southern hemisphere are thinking it too, and lets face it, any self respecting fashion forward chick wants to be the first to crack into the woven wools and tweeds that we have seen hitting the shelves.
Now the great news is that the looks that are muscling our beloved sheer fabrics out of the way are really cool. They are bold, they are bright and they allow us to be individual without having to be outlandish. We all know that what struts down the catwalk may be great for just that – strutting - but how it’s going to translate into something that we can wow in, is the burning question. Well, breath easy; so far so wearable. 
So what, when, how?
Brace yourself for a touch of double denim- not for the faint hearted, but when you see Staple + Cloth wide leg pants paired with an Elk Vand denim top, it’s clear to see it can work on us mere mortals. Chunky knits are de rigueur, it is winter after all.
Casual smasual – keep your eye on the ball this weekend
Double Denim Look 1
It looks like large shoulders are barging their way in a la ‘80s (said with trepidation, but watch this space – never say never has to be the fashion followers dictum), and yes, it’s true, winter will be awash with capes.
A day that starts with a promotion and ends with Mojitos
Work to night Look 2
Fur is fake, coloured and very very present (check out the Cooper Build Me Up Buttercup coat). But for real va va voom it has to be a plume, and Ostrich feathers have been seen on a fair few catwalks. This look has been made wearable, (and more affordable), by Trelise Cooper with her rust Fluffy Wuzzy jacket in Turkey Feather. This has to be the ultimate dress up or dress down piece, and if we are dressing up then I opt for the Isaac & Lulu bronze glam slip, a sliver of pure liquid loveliness, to go underneath.
The fantasy dinner party with your fave friends, guest featuring Marilyn Monroe (bound to dish the dirt and apparently a wonderful cook) and Beyoncé (I’m sure Queen B wouldn’t mind pitching in with the dishes)
Night time glam look 3
Put it all together and what have we got? Not a bad selection for starters I would say.


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