Pick An Outfit That Suits Your Mood This Winter

 Winter Wonderland

Black Magic

There’s no getting away from the fact that when it comes to clothes black is a go-to colour choice for most people. It’s versatile, flattering, easy to mix and match - it certainly ticks an awful lot of boxes. Little wonder New Zealand fashion designers work wonders with it, whether they are creating something avant-garde or an everyday staple garment. Boutique brand Taylor has showcased some uber cool monochrome looks this season, and Paula Ryan can always be counted on for her range of black basics. However this season black is being up-styled, and lovers of the black ensemble will be thrilled with the monochrome looks that are hitting the streets. Black and white paired together has to be the ultimate in timeless, chic, all-season wear.  By adding a splash of white the outfit is lifted immediately, and if you are someone that finds brilliant white a harsh colour to wear, maybe opt for a slightly creamy tone.
Monochrome madness

Colour Crazy

I have been desperately lusting after a pair of red ankle boots this season, and the only thing that’s stopping me are memories of my scarlet cowboy boots from a mis-spent fashion youth. They have basically ruined a really fabulous fashion for me. So if, like me, you’re looking at alternative ways to add a pop of colour to your palette, then there are oodles of great options. When it comes to choice of colours there are plenty to play with. Marigold yellow is a surefire winner this season, but if that’s not your bag then there are stunning brilliant blues, pretty pinks and of course fire truck red. Nothing brightens a mood or a dull day more than a spritz of vibrancy, and if you are colour blocking then why not try putting a more dominant tone with a pastel for a softer look.
Colour Me

Bohemian Rhapsody

By mid-winter it’s hard not to feel a little lack-lustre; the skin’s a bit dry, the hair keeps going flat, and there are days it seems as though we’re working against the elements. So it’s most definitely time to bust the ultra feminine moves out of the wardrobe, just to bring back the mojo. And really, nothing feels more feminine than a flimsy fabric, a whimsical style or a flowing floral. While flowery dresses are often associated with spring, the dark based patterns work equally well over winter. It’s fair to say that Trelise Cooper is the queen of flower power, so it’s little surprise to find that she has some absolutely stunning dresses to make the most of winter dressing. Pair with a knee high or an over the knee boot (to keep the chills at bay) and layer with a soft knit jumper, or wear with a cool leather jacket, preferably biker, to add an edge.
Bohemian Floral
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Written By Nicky Adams


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