ISAAC + LULU favours style over fashion and clashes lady luxe with urban tomboy, creating a versatile wardrobe for women, ranging from basic cotton T-shirts to more tailored luxurious pieces. While every collection forms a concept, each piece can be worn separately and effortlessly be mixed with old favourites and other brands.

By designing simple, functional clothes ISAAC + LULU aims to create a modern framework for individuality. We’re a New Zealand brand, but source fabrics from around the world: Nepalese cashmere, Italian suiting, Japanese cotton and French guipure lace. We're curators, not always conventional or expected, for us there isn't just one way to put an outfit together and really.....the magic is in the mix. Checks with florals, colour blocking, tailored with trainers, preppy leatherette, merino track pants with pointed heels, messy hair with perfect nails. We're fans of the unexpected and think everything is right when it's just left a little bit imperfect.

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